Anna Hoopengardner

Anna was immediately captivated by the mind/body effects of the Pilates method when she began her formal training in 2000. She was certified by the Physical Mind Institute in Denver in 2003, and since has integrated her personal interests about health and pain management into her approach to the work. She has worked with professional dancers and athletes, and has a keen understanding of how to counteract the stresses that bodies undergo in the course of daily living. She also loves to support those still young at heart, helping them to stay young in body as well. Anna's style is warm and attentive, perceptive and responsive. She offers all her clients individually designed sessions that focus on meeting both their current needs -- if weakness, injuries, or pain are present -- and their long-term goals for strength, balance, and ease. Anna is also completing a Masters degree in Health Education at John F. Kennedy University. In addition to Pilates, she is available for Nutritional Consultations at Finding Center, with a focus on complex conditions such as hormonal imbalance, autoimmunity, mood disorders, and chronic pain.