Jessica Fudim

Jessica completed her Pilates and Pilates-based physical rehabilitation certification at the Ellie Herman Studio in San Francisco. She has been teaching Pilates for over a decade and has led workshops and teacher trainings in the Bay Area, New York and the Netherlands. With a compassionate spirit and attentive eye, Jessica empowers her diverse population of clients to rehabilitate from and prevent injuries, improve posture and balance, increase the efficiency of physical performance and become more present in their bodies. Jessica discovered the healing potential of Pilates while studying dance in college. Determined to trump a doctor’s advice that she simply “stop dancing” in response to her back and foot pain, Jessica turned to Pilates for a holistic approach to physical rehabilitation and a deeper understanding of functional movement. She hasn’t stopped dancing since. Look for her on the stage performing at a theater near you. You can also see her in action in the “Ball” chapter of Ellie Herman’s Pilates for Dummies.