Kate Weglarz, Studio Owner

Kate completed her certification in Pilates and Pilates-based Rehabilitation at the Ellie Herman Studios in San Francisco, CA in 2001. With a BFA in Dance from the University of Colorado Boulder and an MA in Movement Analysis from Laban Centre London, she brings her extensive studies of movement and the body to her teaching. Kate works with athletes, dancers and fitness enthusiasts as well as individuals with spinal injuries and neuromuscular disorders. Kate seeks to restore balance to the body, reduce and eliminate pain and enhance awareness and agility through focused Pilates training and her wide knowledge of exercises, imagery and release work. While living in Chicago from 2007-2009, Kate studied Shiatsu, Thai Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.  She enjoys incorporating many different perspectives on the body into her assessment and instruction. Her keen eye and generous spirit foster a renewed sense of health and well-being.