I have been working with Kate Weglarz for nearly a decade and she has helped me to strengthen my body despite multiple injuries and surgeries. She listens carefully, and always seems to be able to find alternative ways to approach strengthening that needs to be done when more traditional approaches don't work for me--which is often!  She is upbeat, sensitive and incredibly knowledgeable.

-Marcy Whitebook, Oakland, CA

When I started working with Kate Weglarz a couple of years ago, I knew my body needed care because my daily walks were often painful. What I didn't know is that my spirit, my identity needed help, too. I am a few decades removed from a career as a circus performer and, after our first session, I felt like myself in a way I hadn't for years. Now my body doesn't hurt, most of the time, and my spirit is lighter. Thank you, Kate!

-Jeff Raz, former Cirque du Soleil and Pickle Family Circus performer

Kate Weglarz was my Pilates trainer for well over two decades.  Now that she has moved to Chicago, I miss her terribly. I first met Kate in 2000 and started training with her a couple years later.  I have had her as instructor of a class of four, in duets, and most often in individual sessions.  In each of these formats Kate was an outstanding teacher.  She has a full grasp of Pilates and an excellent understanding of the human body.  She has worked with many older clients and appreciates our individual limitations and strengths.  I even worked with her within weeks of bilateral knee replacements, and I credit her with much of the success of my excellent recovery. Kate is responsive and responsible.  She is a very warm person who cares genuinely about her clients. A five-star person and a five-star Pilates trainer!

-Micki Luckey, Oakland, CA

I truly believe I would not be walking now if it were not from the help I have received over the last two decades from the wonderful Kate Weglarz.  I now have better posture, better alignment -- the benefits one can always expect from Pilates training.  I have muscles where there were none, strength where there was weakness, balance where there was only wobble.  When every other form of exercise failed, and even injured, me, Pilates succeeded in restoring my erratic muscular and neurological function and strength.  

-Ann Martin, Oakland, CA