I have been working with Kate Weglarz for nearly a decade and she has helped me to strengthen my body despite multiple injuries and surgeries. She listens carefully, and always seems to be able to find alternative ways to approach strengthening that needs to be done when more traditional approaches don't work for me--which is often!  She is upbeat, sensitive and incredibly knowledgeable.

-MW, Oakland, CA

Kate Weglarz has been teaching and training and inspiring me with her incredibly generous spirit, using Pilates as her instrument, for several years. Kate's approach to my need for help has been seamlessly gentle and powerful. The most obvious result is the strength I have gained as my alignment has improved.  I am taller  and my breaths are deeper and without effort, I no longer have difficulty raising my arms to reach for something on a high shelf and I easily lift and carry the various large flower pots that compose my garden. The physical improvements last! and become building blocks in one's body, taking one with a gentle and entrancing vigor towards a greater  freedom of movement.

SP, Berkeley, CA

I may be the oldest client of The Finding Center at 82 years, but thanks to the trainers there, I am in better shape than when I started ten years ago. I came to them with osteoporosis, three broken vertebrae, scoliosis, and other aging issues, as well as no history of dedicated exercise regimens. I am especially grateful to Kate Weglarz and Susan Barnes, who have been my personal trainers for several years. Their knowledge, dedication, encouragement have made me stronger, more flexible, straighter, and better balanced, and turned me into a Pilates convert for life. And they make Pilates fun, interesting and challenging.

- EK, Berkeley, CA

I truly believe I would not be walking now if it were not from the help I have received over the last two decades from the wonderful Kate Weglarz.  I now have better posture, better alignment -- the benefits one can always expect from Pilates training.  I have muscles where there were none, strength where there was weakness, balance where there was only wobble.  When every other form of exercise failed, and even injured, me, Pilates succeeded in restoring my erratic muscular and neurological function and strength. There's a good reason why so many of Finding Center's clients, old and young, whether they're looking for rehab or for increased strength, flexibility, alignment, and balance, have been coming for so long.   It's a partnership. It's truly the best.

-AM, Oakland, CA